Get Loans For Funding Your Children's Education.
Quick & Easy.

* Attractive Rates & Flexible Terms * No Collateral Requirement * Multiple End Uses

Simple Online Application Process

Quick Loan Approval & Disbursal

Loans upto INR 20 Lakhs

Flexible Repayment Options. Tenors upto 60 months

About Us

We are a new age fintech company established by banking veterans and drawing experienced personnel from banking, finance and education domains. We help parents with loans for their children's educational requirements.

While we are experts in banking and finance, we also understand that at times raising money is tedious, involves too much paperwork/processes and for various reasons is simply inaccessible to a large number of people, who would need it the most. We also understand the importance of education for a child and the fact that every parent wants to provide the best education to his/her child. But money can at times get in the way of that.

At k2gloans our mission is to use technology to make education finance affordable & accessible to every Indian parent, enabling them to provide high quality education to their children thereby helping secure their children's futures and realizing their aspirations. We want to be Partners in Your children's Educational Journey, right from the start. With K2GLoans your children's dreams and aspiration are now in you reach.

Loans Available For The Following End-Uses

 Admission to a new school

 Payment of annual/quarterly fees

 Enrolment in coaching institutes/training programs

 Admission to UG courses

How The Process Works

Apply Online

Upload Documents

Documentation at your home post approval

Disbursal of funds

Unique Options To Choose From



Instalment Loan Single Drawdown

One Time Loan Limit for specific end-use with single drawdown allowed


Instalment Loan Multiple Scheduled Drawdown

Loan limit covering next 1 years requirement. Upto 4 drawdowns in a year within the loan limit

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